CLG Grant Funding Avaliable for Neighbourhood Planning

Through the ‘Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning‘ programme, CLG has announced that £3m will be avaliable each year for a two year period and will be awarded by way of a small number of grants to ‘provide advice, guidance and assistance to communities and community organisations to engage with the planning system in their local area’.

Between three and five grants will be made at any one time. Individual grants will therefore be in the order of £500,000 – £1m per year. Applications for grants must be made by 21 Feb 2011.

Applications can be made by ‘eligible organisations’. They must be incorporated bodies. Applicants must make clear that advice and assistance will relate to one or some of the following:

  • organising a community-based group
  • effective community enagagement
  • developing or providing input into proposals for local development documents
  • developing or providing input into proposals for the development of any area, such as proposals leading to planning applications or local development orders
  • accessing specialist advice if required
  • finding potential sources of additional funding

The grants will not replace the Neighbourhood Vanguard funding. Applications for that need to be made to CLG by 14 Feb 2011. LPAs are invited to apply to become a Vanguard. they must though involve a community group or Parish Council in some way. Up to £20,000 worth of grant funding will be avaliable for each successful application.


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