Copenhagen could not have taken place at a worse time. The summit to discuss the warming of the planet coincided with the worst winter the northern hemisphere has witnessed in over 30 years, coming just 11 months after the last one. The man from the Met Office reminded us that ‘weather’ is not ‘climate’. However, his comments were soon overlooked as we dug our lives out of the snow drifts. Copenhagen was further undermined by revelations about the honesty of some involved in the science. This was quickly whipped up by the media and played directly into the hands of the climate sceptics.

To my mind the science on anthropogenic warming is still in need of advancement. However, the evidence for the unremitting rise in carbon dioxide to levels never before recorded in human history appears unquestionable. Furthermore, historic patterns would seem to suggest that global temperatures and carbon dioxide levels are inextricable. Odds-on then that they are linked.

14% of carbon dioxide emissions globally are from transport, and are growing. Like most of our clients, at Colin Buchanan we know we cannot afford to be complacent on these matters. Therefore, we will be heeding what the man from the Met Office said and will continue to work with our clients on ways to reduce their carbon footprints – whatever the weather.


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